Apple Music Trend Reports Have Launched!

Well…sometimes we even surprise ourselves.  Today, we coded for ingestion of Apple Music daily trend reports.  The first reports were only just made available by Apple over the 4th of July weekend! We’re extremely proud to be the first (and currently ONLY at the time of this posting) distributor in the world to be able to offer this sales data to our artists and labels.

If you are one of our artists and labels and are currently subscribed to our Daily Trend Reports and Metrics Subscription Service, you can now view Apple Music Trend Data via your Dashboard at Catapult.

Apple Music Trend Metrics

Apple Music Trend Metrics

Apple Music and Free Trial Streaming Rates

We are often asked by new artists how much they are going to be paid per stream for streaming music stores like Spotify, etc. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to answer that question given the nature of streaming services and how they calculate payments. These stores pay out a proportionate share of the subscription income that they receive from their customers for the content they stream. This share of income changes every month and the ultimate calculation can depend on a multiple of factors such as the specific store’s total subscription income from their subscribers, the subscription tier of each subscriber, the total number of streams that take place in the store, and the total number of an artist’s content streams. Given that these factors change each month, there is not a specific amount per stream that can be stated.

However, with the launch of Apple Music, we can provide an amount that Apple Music will pay for Free Trial Streams (Streams that take place when a customer is under a Free Trial plan).

The table below lists the cost per stream for Free Trial users for most countries:

Territory Wholesale Cost Per Stream
United States 0.002 USD
Canada 0.002 CAD
Argentina 0.001 USD
Australia 0.00218 AUD
Austria 0.00167 EUR
Belgium 0.00165 EUR
Bolivia 0.0012 USD
Brazil 0.001 USD
Bulgaria 0.00083 EUR
Caribbean 0.0012 USD
Chile 0.001 USD
Colombia 0.001 USD
Costa Rica 0.0012 USD
Cyprus 0.00118 EUR
Czech Republic 0.00099 EUR
Denmark 0.01584 DKK
Dominican Republic 0.0012 USD
Ecuador 0.0012 USD
El Salvador 0.0012 USD
Estonia 0.00117 EUR
Finland 0.00161 EUR
France 0.00167 EUR
French Guiana 0.001 USD
Germany 0.00168 EUR
Greece 0.00114 EUR
Guatemala 0.0012 USD
Honduras 0.0012 USD
Hong Kong 0.0096 HKD
Hungary 0.00079 EUR
India 0.01655 INR
Indonesia 13.8 IDR
Ireland 0.00162 EUR
Israel 0.00598 ILS
Italy 0.00164 EUR
Japan 0.4 JPD
Latvia 0.00116 EUR
Lithuania 0.00116 EUR
Luxembourg 0.00171 EUR
Malaysia 0.0008 USD
Malta 0.00119 EUR
Mexico 0.0198 MXN
New Zealand 0.0026 NZD
Netherlands 0.00165 EUR
Nicaragua 0.0012 USD
Norway 0.01584 NOK
Panama 0.0012 USD
Paraguay 0.0012 USD
Peru 0.0012 USD
Poland 0.00081 EUR
Portugal 0.00114 EUR
Romania 0.0008 EUR
Russia 0.02331 RUB
Singapore 0.002 SD
Slovakia 0.001 EUR
Slovenia 0.00098 EUR
Spain 0.00165 EUR
South Africa 0.01052 ZAR
Sweden 0.01584 SEK
Switzerland 0.0024 CHF
Taiwan 0.03 NTD
United Kingdom 0.00167 GBP
Uruguay 0.001 USD
Venezuala 0.0012 USD

Apple Music Launching Today!

In about a little over an hour, Apple Music will go live for the first time.  We couldn’t be more excited to see and experience Apple Music.

Apple Music launches at 10am CST,  and if you want to be one of the first users to experience this new streaming platform, please remember to update your iPhone to iOS 8.4 prior to launch.

Note for artists or labels who did not want their content to appear in Apple Music:

We are currently awaiting final technical instructions from Apple regarding the extremely small percentage of our artists that requested their content not be made available on Apple’s new streaming platform. It’s extremely likely that content that was requested not to be made available on Apple Music will actually be live on Apple Music when it first launches today until we receive these removal instructions from Apple. We will do our best to remove this content as soon as humanly possible but if you are one of the few artists who did not want your content authorized for Apple Music, you might indeed see your content go live in Apple Music for a short time following the launch. Please be patient as this is a watershed moment in the music industry and things are moving extremely fast and there are just some things that are outside of Catapult’s control currently.

Store Specific Street Dates Coming Soon!

We will soon be launching the ability for our artists and labels to control the street date for each specific music store they authorize for distribution.  In the past, our system only allowed one street date for all the music stores which created some problems for savvy musicians who wanted to capitalize off of the download stores (i.e.: iTunes) vs the streaming stores (i.e.: Spotify, Rdio, Apple Music).

For example, some artists with an already established fan base wanted to first only sell their music on iTunes and AmazonMP3 where customers purchase downloads of their albums and then at a later date (Say…3 months later) launch their music on Spotify.  This potentially allowed the artist to earn more income since downloads clearly earn more royalty income when compared with streaming.  We say “potentially” because for most artists, it isn’t very clear that this would do anything for them other than prevent new fans from hearing about their music. However, for established artists who have an existing and rabid fan base, it clearly could be the smart approach.

Artists could still have done that with our system, but it was messy (which we don’t like) and required them to contact Customer Support when they were ready for their content to launch in another store.  The new process should be a much better and automatic way to control the release of content in the music stores.

We still believe that launching your music all at once on every platform, regardless of whether it is a traditional download music store or a streaming music store, is still the best strategy for most new artists (i.e.: Marketing to customers who would never have known about you otherwise), but we believe more in giving the artist the option to plan out what strategy works best for them.

The option to select store specific street dates should be launching very soon (Probably in the next week) since we are waiting for final instructions from Apple concerning the technical side of setting the street date for Apple Music which we think will be provided just prior to the launch of Apple Music on June 30th, 2015.

Store Specific Street Dates

Store Specific Street Dates

Apple Music Launching June 30th, 2015

Apple Music




Earlier this month Apple announced that on June 30th, 2015 they are launching a new streaming music platform called Apple Music to coexist alongside iTunes.  This will directly compete with other streaming services such as Spotify, Rdio and Tidal.  Catapult has signed agreements with Apple which automatically makes all of our artist’s and label’s content available in Apple Music at launch.  However, if for some reason you do not want your content available in their store, please contact Catapult Support via your Dashboard and we’ll be sure to de-authorize Apple Music for you.

Also, with Apple Music, they are introducing a new feature called “Apple Connect”.  It is a personal artist profile within Apple Music which allows artists to upload photos, videos and more to your own Apple Music profile which fans can follow.  We think this will be a great way for our artists and labels to keep in touch with their fans.  You can request your Apple Connect artist profile by visiting the following link and logging in with your Apple ID.  If you are not with a label, just enter your personal contact information on that request page.  Apple will then notify you when your request is approved.  Please note that Apple has sole discretion on approving these accounts and it is outside of the control of Catapult.

Now delivering to Tidal

Tidal Logo




This month we signed agreements with the new music platform, Tidal.  Founded by rapper Jay Z, it is joining the growing list of music streaming services like Spotify and Rdio.

If you selected the “Future Stores” option during the album submission process for your content, then your content will automatically go live in Tidal.  We are currently delivering our catalog into their platform though it may take a few weeks for content to go live since they have informed us that they are dealing with a massive influx of new content from all of the major labels and distributors.

Spotify Launches in Canada (Eh!)




Today, Spotify announced it has finally launched its music streaming platform in Canada allowing residents of that country to finally enjoy what most of the developed world has been enjoying for years.  This makes Canada the 58th country to be added to Spotify.

Check out their news release here:

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Now delivering to Shazam

Shazam logo



We are happy to announce that we have secured agreements with Shazam and are currently delivering all of our artist’s and label’s content into Shazam’s platform.

Shazam is a unique music platform that allows fans to use the Shazam App on their iPhone or other mobile device to “listen” to a song that may be playing in the background (Like at a restaurant).  The Shazam App then analyzes the song to find a match in their system and then lets the user know what the song is and how they can purchase it or listen to the full version on other streaming music stores like Rdio.

Shazam Listens

Shazam returns what it finds











Shazam is an invaluable tool to expand the reach of our artist’s and label’s content throughout the world and we’re excited to be delivering into their service.

Now Available – Spotify Trend Reports

We’re excited to announce that we are now offering Spotify daily trend reports for our users that are subscribed to our Daily Trend Reports and Metrics service.

In the past, we’ve only had access to daily trend reports for iTunes and AmazonMP3, so we are excited to now be able to add Spotify to the mix.



With Spotify Trend reports, you’ll notice that there is also a new metric that is being analyzed: Listeners.

Listeners are basically the number of unique users who listened to a specific track in your catalog for a given day which can be a powerful insight into the reach of your content around the world.

Purchase Download Codes for your fans!

We are happy to announce the  launch of a new service that will allow our artists and labels to provide Download Codes for their fans.

What are Download Codes?

Download Codes are unique codes that you can provide to your fans, friends or family members that allows them to download your album for free via Catapult. You can order Download Codes for any of your albums in your catalog and then send them via e-mail or print them out.

The best way to get your Download Codes to your fans is via e-mail. You might paste them into an e-mail to a specific fan or you could blast your whole fan e-mail list at once.

How do Download Codes work?ad_downloadcodes_export

Once you have ordered some Download Codes, you can visit your album’s page in your Dashboard at Catapult and click on “Export Download Codes”. You can instantly see how many Download Codes you have ordered as well as the total redeemed to date. Or you can download a .csv file that contains all of your Download Codes and see which specific Download Codes have been redeemed.


How do I provide the Download Codes to my fans?

That’s up to you. Most artist choose to e-mail their Download Codes to their fans. Other, more technically inclined artists can even print out their own cards that display the Download Codes, but that is up to you.

If you intend to send codes to hundreds of people or more, you should consider using an email service that can automatically insert the codes into emails for you. We recommend MailChimp since they are specifically suited for this purpose. You should however, never send unsolicited e-mails to users unless they have subscribed to your e-mail list. That’s a good way to get your e-mail address blacklisted by ISPs.


Where do my fans download their FREE album once they have a Download Code?

However you choose to provide the Download Codes to your fans, you should always point them to the following URL to redeem their free album:


Hint: You can pass the Download Code through the URL so your fans don’t have to enter anything at all:


What kind of album will my fans receive?

Your album will be downloadable as a 320kbps MP3 album with all metadata and cover art embedded in the mp3 files. This allows the user to import the album into iTunes (or their preferred listening software) and all the track titles and cover art will display correctly.

Download Page

How many times can a Download Code be used?

Each Download Code can be used 3 times. We do this for a couple reasons:

  1. To prevent fans from sharing the Download Code with their friends.
  2. In case a fan has trouble downloading the album, they have a few more tries to download the album.


How much do Download Codes cost?
  • 300 Codes: $9 (3¢ each)
  • 500 Codes: $15 (3¢ each)
  • 1000 Codes: $20 (2¢ each)
  • 5000 Codes: $75 (1.5¢ each)


How do I order Download Codes for my album?

Simply visit your album’s page in your Dashboard at Catapult and click on “Purchase Download Codes”.

This is awesome, but can I get Download Codes for the iTunes Music Store?

Unfortunately, no. iTunes does sometimes offer Download Codes for albums in their store but it is normally reserved for high profile / top billboard artists. Our Download Codes will only work at Catapult.


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