New Affiliate Program: Earn money for referring other artists to Catapult

Earn money by referring artists to Catapult!

We just launched our affiliate program which will allow anyone to earn money just by referring other artists or labels to Catapult.

When you sign up as a Catapult Affiliate, you’ll have access to your own Affiliate Control Panel (This is different than the Artist or Label Control Panel at Catapult) that will allow you access to various Banner Ads and Text Links that you can then paste into your own websites, e-mails, Twitter and Facebook feeds. When someone clicks on any of these links, creates an account at Catapult, and ultimately submits an album or single for distribution, you are then paid a monetary amount for referring that artist or label to Catapult.

Our current Affiliate campaign allows you to earn $5 for every album or single submitted into our service that is referred to us by your links. If that client continues to submit albums or singles, you would continue to earn $5 for every album or single.*

*Up to 365 days from the time the client first visited Catapult via your affiliate link.

To learn more, click here.

Screen shot of Affiliate Control Panel
Screen Shot of Catapult’s Affiliate Control Panel

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